About Us

Zepp Aura Story

Imagine in every moment of your life, from trying times to the highest highs, that a personal conductor was on hand to create the perfect score. Whether you're dispirited or excited, sick or strong, stressed or full of fighting spirit, an expert composer will be there to put together the soundtrack of your life.

This is the exciting promise made by the AI-generated soundscapes of Zepp Aura, a novel music experience that builds custom compositions according to a user's biomarkers and biorhythmic feedback. By reading natural mood indicators such as heart rate, body temperature and blood oxygen levels, Zepp Aura's AI Music Brain creates a three-layer composition to provide you with relief, encouragement, and emotional support in every arena of life.

By learning your responses to different chords, notes, effects and ambient sounds from an enormous library crafted by music therapists, engineers and producers, Zepp Aura refines its compositions over time with deeper and deeper personalization. Thanks to new advances in AI customization, new functionality is continually added to Zepp Aura's digital orchestra.

For instance: picture yourself on that long-awaited vacation to your family's favorite beach, and you feel better than you have in ages while relaxing on the sand. Or perhaps you adventured through the Amazon and now find yourself missing the daily ensembles of jungle birds and insects. By noting to Zepp Aura that you were on vacation in those moments, the AI Music Brain will pull beach or rainforest sounds from its cloud library and seamlessly incorporate them into your next Sleep Lullaby.

Just as Zepp Aura takes note of special moments, it takes note of life stages and health goals for people of every age. Whether you're taking surf lessons and playing in a basketball rec league or at a slower stage in life that requires health condition monitoring, Zepp Aura's compositions adjust to your biorhythmic feedback, providing therapeutic soundscapes to relax, soothe and restore.

Music has always been an integral part of the human experience and will continue to play a crucial role in how humans use it to connect with themselves and others. There is comfort in the knowledge that the same notes, chords, and modes which enrapture us today also enraptured our ancestors throughout time. The major difference has been how we create that music and how we listen to that music. Just the same as we once used bones to make flutes or leather to make drums, Artificial Intelligence is a new material from which we can create the most personalized sound composed by you, for you.